3 Social Media Marketing Tips

Marketing Social Media

There are many mistakes commonly made by companies in regard to their social media marketing strategy. Since social media marketing is an entirely different concept than traditional online marketing, businesses sometimes get confused about how exactly they should go about tweeting, posting status updates on Facebook, and sharing images on Instagram and Pinterest. Here are some useful tips to help you out.

Be Social

Well, yeah. If you are on social media, your followers will expect you to be friendly and social. So although it's always good to sound professional, everything has its place, and being too cold on social media can make you loose some brownie points. One of the things not to do is repeating the same general lines to questions without specifically addressing the issues your customers have.

Stick To Your Niche

Don't post about anything and everything just because you are aiming for a certain amount of tweets each day. People aren't following you in order to find out what you ordered for lunch in the office or what your opinion is on the race for president. In fact, since the last thing you want to do is turn away potential customers, you should shy away from topics such as religion and politics as much as possible.

Know Your Audience

Use tools such as FollowerWonk to analyze your followers and plan your posting times accordingly. Also use Google Analytics to analyze the traffic coming to your website from social media and tweak your social media marketing campaign until your social conversions skyrocket.


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