3 Ways to use Instagram to Generate More Leads for Your Business

Social media has become a creative way to make a product known to prospective customers and to enlist current customers to help. Instagram is, also, a very visual medium and provides interesting ways to perform market research while showing off your product.

First, imagine that you want to produce three styles of your new furry poncho; two colors and one pattern. But you can’t decide between the four possible colors and three possible patterns. With an interesting photograph in a striking location, repeated with each possible style; Instagram users will demonstrate their preferences through their saving and sharing.  Not only have you found out the color and preferences of prospective customers, but all that sharing has generated a lot of interest in, and prospective customers for your ponchos.

Another way to generate a lot of interest in a product is to create a contest. Imagine your product is the Penny Perfect Marker. Your commercials always say, “Penny Perfect writes perfectly permanently on anything.” If you create an Instagram contest asking users to post their wildest writing uses of Penny Perfect ; users will post, save, and share until Penny Perfect Markers are known to every Instagram user. Contests are fun, popular, and can be created for any product. Instagram users like to take pictures, so asking for pictures of your product  for a contest appeals to their pride in their photography, as well as the challenge. Contests generate interest and social chatter…and sales.

Finally, use some of the unique techniques Instagram offers for storytelling.  Create some interesting visual stories using your product through a series of numbered individual pictures. Post the pictures one-a day-until the story is told. They will be shared and saved, because users don’t want to miss any of the story. At the end, the whole series can be posted using Carousel. Carousel will flip the series of pictures past the viewer like animals on a carousel.

Contests, storytelling, and visual preference surveys can all be used on Instagram not only generate interest in your product, but to generate new customers.

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