Best Practices: Finding the Best Social Media Marketing Platform for Your Brand’s Voice

Choosing the right social media platform for your brand is an important decision every social media marketing professional needs to make. After extensive social listening, a top consideration is what kind of voice you want to present to your consumers or connections.

What is My Brand’s Voice?

Your voice is the tone you use in your online communications; your voice should match the voice of your target audience. Are you young and hip, refined and sophisticated, business-oriented, locally relevant, or something else? Your voice should reflect your brand’s mission and your customers’ values.

Here are the top three current leaders in social media and best practices for conveying your voice on each.


With an estimated 1,100,000,000 unique monthly visitors (eBizMBA), Facebook is by far the leader in the social media world. Facebook is generally considered a curation platform. It is best used by companies with a relaxed, conversational voice. Use short to medium length status updates, content links, photos, and meme content that reflect your brand and tone. Companies should post at least four to five times per week.


Twitter hosts an estimated 310,000,000 unique monthly visitors (eBizMBA). Twitter is a discussion platform. It is best used by companies with a lively, industry-relevant, talkative voice. Tweets are short, limited to 140 characters, and should include relevant hashtags when continuing industry-relevant discussions within the platform. Unlike Facebook, Twitter posts go out in real-time to any followers currently logged on. Discussions also take place in real-time, and followers expect more immediate responses. Companies on Twitter should have a lot to say; there is really no such thing as too many Twitter posts. Three to five tweets per day is not uncommon.


Approximately 255,000,000 unique users log into LinkedIn each month (eBizMBA). Like Facebook, LinkedIn is generally considered a curation platform. However an important feature of LinkedIn users is their business-first mindset. LinkedIn is best used by companies with a strong, industry-specific voice, especially business-to-business companies. LinkedIn posts are short to long in length, and include industry-relevant information and content links. Memes are generally not suggested on LinkedIn. Business should aim for about twenty posts per month on this channel.

Monitor your social media audience often for changes or shifts to help your voice stay in sync with their tone. Harnessing the power of a well-refined social voice is critical to strengthening connections with your audience. Contact us today for consultations and social media integration and marketing packages.


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