Docker Image for Elixir 1.6.1 & Ubuntu 16.04

Docker Ubuntu Phoenix Erlang 20 PostgreSQL Kubernetes Elixir

A new docker image can be used for Elixir and Phoenix Projects. The base image uses Ubuntu 16.04, Erlang 20, Elixir 1.6.1 that is capable of running Phoenix 1.3 with Postgres DB. The image can be found here on docker kickinespresso/espresso_wharf and the code can be found here on github. For those who would like to experiment or play with the new docker image, they can clone our test project espresso_wharf_phoenix which uses the base image and will act as a benchmark for testing the future version of the image. 

The goal of these images will be to scale out larger Elixir/Phoenix applications with multiple docker images that will be able to work Kubernetes in performance and scaling applications. We will most likely have several new images that pull from the base image for advanced applications as well as additional Elixir/Phoenix applications for testing purposes. Our goal will be to have everything auto-deployable and testable using continuous integration from end to end. 

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