Domain Redirection and Having Multiple Domains

I have a new Website and a new Domain! What happened to the old on?

A New Website doesn't mean we have to create a new domain for it. It may seem like that for some folks using packaged services which sell you a domain and a website at the same time. This isn't the case although it may seem like it. 

What is a Domain?

A domain, or "Domain Name" is a friendly way to represent the address of a website for people. You'll recognize them from your browser URL as or Computers refer to websites or other computers using IP Addresses, which look like this The IP Address helps the computer and network identify the sending and receiving  locations, similar to your house address used for sending mail. The problem is that the IP Address isn't very friendly to read and can be hard to remember -- which is where Domain Names come in. Domain Names are much easier to remember and allow us to point to whichever destination we want it to. 

In the case of a website, when I buy a Domain, I can have it point to whatever destination I would like it to go to. If I have bought several Domains, I can have them point to different locations or the same location. This is where domain redirection comes into play. 

Sometimes, when buying different services from online vendors which help you build your own website, you may have ended up buying more than one Domain. For example, when you built your first website 5 years ago on something like "" (there is a 'G' in there). People know you at this address and you may even receive email with something like "" which is why you don't want to give it up. More recently, you decide to change your company identity with a new website and a new domain. In the case of "" (without the 'G'). Your brand new website looks great, but you still want people to find you at the old address because it is on old emails, letterheads, brochures, invoices and more. 

If you were to move into a different house, you would fill out the forms at the US Post Office for a change of address. For a few months, they will forward all your  mail to your new address so you have time to update everyone with your new mailing address. This is nice, but can be a lot of work. How are you going to ensure that everyone has your new address? You can't, but you make your best effort. Wouldn't it be easier if you could just keep both addresses and have the mail come to where ever you are?

Domain Redirection

With Domain Names, we can do this! Why give up the old address? Well, we don't need the old website, that's for sure --  but we can certainly have the old domain name point to the new website. When we do this, we have the Domain "Redirect" to another, so when you visit the old domain it simply rewrites itself as the new one. This way you haven't lost anything, broken any links, lost any email and don't need to worry about updating everyone that you have a brand new website and should update their records. 

Help Is On The Way

Still Lost? We can help. Sometimes the situation is complicated with multiple websites, domains and worrying about how email will work. We can figure out the best solution for you and your business needs. Email us at and we can help you through this kind of problem and more. 

What About My Email?

Email works based on the same principles but can be slightly more complex when it comes to redirecting specific email address and migrating between servers. You'll need to plan the migration such that you don't lose any email, contacts or calendars. 

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