Hashtag Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing

Hashtags are used on every major social media platform. Hashtags are like little filing assistants. They help organize posts that are all within a similar theme or topic.

Using appropriate, relevant hashtags in your posts and photo descriptions can significantly amplify your post reach and enhance your overall social media marketing game. Following hashtag trends and jumping in on trending hashtags early can give you a leg-up on virality over your competition.

The world of hashtags can seem daunting to a newcomer. Here are some hashtagging tips to help boost your social reach.

Double-check Current Hashtag Uses

You have written your post and stamped it with a relevant hashtag word or phrase. Before you hit send, be sure you fully understand the current context of the hashtag you are using. Some hashtags may carry negative connotations, and they may ultimately reflect poorly on your post or brand. A quick search on your social platform should give you an overview of how other people are using that discussion tag.

Include Other Relevant Hashtags

Why stop at just one hashtag? If your post is relevant to multiple topics or themes, why not use them all? There are free, online tools like hashtagify that update lists of related hashtags. Including multiple hashtags in a post allows you to join several conversations at once, thus extending your reach even further.

Tips for Making Your Own Hashtag

If you want to create your own hashtag, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First: keep it short! This is especially important on Twitter, where character space is so limited, but it will also help lessen the likelihood of typos. Second: be sure to use appropriate capitalization to avoid misinterpretation. Third: keep in mind that hashtags are used for discussion within a social media platform. If your goal is directing traffic back to your Web site, hashtags will not be a very successful tactic.

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