Introducing Elixir Fiddle

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Launching ElixirFiddle!

We created a site that allows you to run and share your Elixir code. Similar to JSFiddle and SQLFiddle, you can create your own unique Elixir fragments. Each Fragment tracks the version incrementally and can be referenced back to at any time. 

Road Map:

- Fragment Locking
- Fragment Tagging
- Fragment Ownership (Create your own fragments by logging in)

ElixirFiddle is built with the Phoenix Framework, and is running on Heroku!

ElixirFiddle is still in its Beta phase and we expect to have issues. If you encounter an issue, please report it here:

North New Jersey Office

Kinnelon, NJ

Philadelphia Office

Media, PA

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Mon - Fri : 8am to 6pm

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