Managing Your Facebook Lead Ad Subscribers

Social Media Advertising

After you have set up your Facebook lead ad, it is now time to manage the users you have signed up for the offer. The first thing you should keep in mind is that it is always best to respond as quickly as possible. For best results, you should respond to the user’s sign-up form within an hour. Luckily, you can do this easily by setting up auto-responders.

Auto-responders are the messages you create to send out automatically after a person fills out your form. Effectively creating these will help you to cut down on the time you spend managing the entries. When you are developing this response, don’t be afraid to be a little personal. Look at the offer from your user’s point of view and attempt to cater your response to how they may be feeling about the whole thing.

Also, allow your new subscribers to actually respond to the email you send out, and reply to them if they do. This will help you get more familiar with your new users so that you can create an experience that they will enjoy the most. In the end, this is something that will benefit both you and your new customer.

Facebook lead ads are still relatively new so we will be constantly learning more about them in the years to come. However, in just their short time, they have already proven to be pretty fantastic for businesses to enjoy. Make sure you utilize them with your marketing strategy and rely on these tips to make them more effective. To learn more about Facebook lead ads, contact us today.



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