Multiple Loggers In Elixir

Logger Elixir

How to have multiple Loggers in Elixir and Log to specific Logger by the message.

Import the LoggerFileBackend into your mix.exs

     {:logger_file_backend, "~> 0.0.10"}

Add multiple Loggers to your config.exs

config :logger,
  backends: [:console, {LoggerFileBackend, :import_log}]

config :logger, :console,
  format: "$time $metadata[$level] $message\n",
  metadata: [:request_id]

config :logger, :import_log,
  path: "/my/project/path/import.log",
  level: :info,
  metadata_filter: [component: 1]

In your application, specify component: 1 you want to write to the import_log. This log message will log to both the console and the import_log."My Import_log Statement", component: 1)

Exclude the metadata when you would like to log normally. This log message will only log into the console"My Normal Log Statement")


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