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Facebook is an ever-changing goliath in the social media world. It can be hard for competitive business pages to keep up with the trending topics and new marketing tactics. In addition to a streamlined social media marketing plan, one of the best things a business can do for their Facebook fan page is to optimize the content for search engine referrals.


Just like your Web site, certain content on your Facebook page is crawled by those search engine spiders to help direct relevant searches back to your Facebook. The optimization method is pretty much the same, be sure to front-load those SEO-rich keywords and keyword phrases, and keep abreast of industry changes to review and update the content when applicable.


Here are some key areas and tools to consider when optimizing your business Facebook page:


Page Info


Your page info section should be full. Include as much contact information as possible for your fans. Additionally, you can include a short and a long company description, three keywords to describe your page, categorical information, and any awards relevant to your industry.


Photo Descriptions


Photo description fields are a magnificent opportunity for search engine optimization, and are too often left blank. Be sure to always include a description when you post a photo. Additionally, when you update your profile and cover photos, optimize these as well with a SEO-rich photo description.




Hashtags are not just for Twitter and Instagram. Facebook supports hashtag use as well. In addition to search engine queries, using hashtags in your status updates and photo descriptions will also increase your relevance within the Facebook platform when users utilize the graph search.


Keep these areas in mind when you review your Web site for SEO updates, so your Facebook SEO doesn’t fall behind. Contact us today for more SEO and social media servicing options!


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