Three Web Design Trends for 2017: More Visual Touches That Tell a Story

Of all the web design trends of 2017, it seems that creating visuals for storytelling will become a renewed focus. While this has already been a trend for the last year or two, continual advances in what's possible for web design helps create a more lasting first impression.

If you're just starting a business, what visitors think of your website at first sight determines whether they'll stick around. When you have much to tell, yet don't want to use excessive text, providing compelling visuals on the home page can convey more than you think.  Look at some outstanding visual design trends for websites that you'll likely see used for years to come.

Full-Screen Videos

The use of video has steadily grown in web design, and now it's taking full advantage of high-definition screens and better Internet connections. Through 2017, expect to see movie quality videos, including ones at full-screen.

Full background videos have already seen some growth in the last year. But now videos can convey a complete narrative the instant someone visits a site. It doesn't have to include audio, though many do. The use of these videos can tell everything about your company in a manner of a minute.

Card Interfaces to Organize Information

In the last year, you've probably noticed websites using cards as part of the Material Design trend. These better organize information into small square-shaped sections, including text to eliminate long paragraphs.

Expect to see more card interfaces ahead. One reason they're effective is because they work best for mobile screens. Since we'll likely see even more people using mobile to shop online, having cards on your site can help a user consume pertinent info faster without frustration.

The Use of Cinemagraphs

Have you noticed how cinemagraphs have taken over digital media lately? It's a concept that shows a static image, yet with one element of movement in the frame. This might mean a nearby object swaying in a breeze, or a model's eyes blinking for an eerie effect.

Expect to see the cinemagraphs come of age this year. These can tell a compelling story since they're quite hypnotic in their style. They can also create plenty of intrigue if you set a scene with enticing visual clues. While these are just three visual elements, don't hesitate to also use things like illustrations or full-screen sliders to help elaborate on the story of your business.

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