Generating HTML and JSON Scaffold with Phoenix 1.3 (1.3.2) Generators

Scaffold e HTML and JSON with namespaced routes in the Phoenix Framework with Generators
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Introducing Elixir Fiddle

We created a site that allows anyone to run Elixir Code on the web!
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Docker Image for Elixir 1.6.1 & Ubuntu 16.04

New Docker image for Elixir and Ubuntu available for use
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Multiple Loggers In Elixir

How to have multiple Loggers in Elixir and Log to specific 
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Fixing mix hex.publish

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Elixir Map To List

Converting a Map to a List with and without keywords
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Elixir 1.5 + Linux Mint 18

Getting Started with Elixir 1.5, Phoenix Framework 1.3 and Linux Mint 18
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Elixir Money - Assert Money.equals?(lhs, rhs) Verbosity

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Introducing ExGtin - An Elixir GTIN Validation Library

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Refactoring Elixir Umbrella Project with Atom

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